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Software alone can't improve your clinical and financial operations. So in addition to the most comprehensive AHT Care Management, AHT Financial and Enterprise Management, and AHT Revenue Cycle Management solutions available to skilled nursing organizations, American HealthTech lets you implement them in the way that best meets the unique needs of your organization.

Only then can you truly harness AHT’s fully integrated long term care facility management solutions and software suites that improve efficiency along with your bottom line.

Then we back it all up with continued Services and Support, business optimization services, and regulatory guidance to ensure your ongoing success.  


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For example, as managed care evolves, you must find a way to continue billing without cash flow interruption to business operations. As new regulatory requirements are implemented, you require confidence that you’ll continue to be compliant.

That’s why you need a technology partner who’s committed to your long-term growth and can help you remain competitive. Our Financial and Enterprise Management, and Revenue Cycle Management solutions are the ticket to your success. 

You will appreciate:

  • Corporate Office
    You will choose metrics to monitor across your software suites, and across your enterprise, providing you with the big picture you need to make sound decisions.

  • Compliance Center
    Compliance Center lets you apply your unique corporate compliance standards into day-to-day workflow.

  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission
    Make the first submission the only one by applying an unparalleled level of claim validation to all of your electronic claim files. Avoid denials by creating custom edits to proactively monitor payer changes. 

  • Admissions Analysis
    Streamline the evaluation and admission of resident, and give your team the necessary information to make smart business decisions. 

  • General Ledger
    Track your books, and reconcile accounts payable and receivable. 

  • nTrust
    Wish you had the finances for a new, robust EHR? Now you do. 


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It’s not uncommon for you to be seeking real-time resident and facility info for decision support in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, identifying risk events and resident data along with a quick snapshot of trust fund accounts, budgets, and accounts receivable. The close of day may find you tracking readmissions and reducing resident risk.

Consider American HealthTech integrated solutions—Financial and Enterprise Management, Care Management, and Revenue Cycle Management—as your one-stop resource for welcome answers and efficiencies.

You will appreciate:

  • Work Center
    Give your physicians real-time, web-based access to resident information so they can practice more informed care more efficiently. 

  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission
    Make the first submission the only one by applying an unparalleled level of claim validation to all of your electronic claim files. Avoid denials by creating custom edits to proactively monitor payer changes.

  • Admissions Analysis
    Know more about candidates—and what they may mean for your business—before making admission decisions. 

  • Eligibility Verification
    Confirm payers and coverage in real time to support more informed care plans along with a more efficient revenue cycle process.


Clinical Services icon

The needs of skilled nursing residents are unique and often complicated, and the quality of documentation you must provide for the billing and reporting purposes of those needs is critical. Adding to this challenge is the level of communication required to ensure you have visibility to what care your colleagues have provided. 

Get the innovative, comprehensive support you need from the American HealthTech Care Management suite of solutions.

You will appreciate:

    • Work Center
      This web-based solution presents essential resident information in a way that will make it easy for you and your care teams to more effectively evaluate and plan care for residents, even remotely. 

    • Quality Assurance
      As part of the Clinical module, this application provides the right information, right when you need it, to ensure the delivery of quality care. 

    • Clinical
      This comprehensive set of features will help you manage the EHR for your residents, including care plans, MDS, and nurses' notes. 

    • Smart Charting
      This insightful program takes the pain out of Clinical Documentation and is accessible right from your resident's bedside. 

    • Order Administration
      Your eMAR/eTAR management is integrated with the entire Care Management solution.

    • ePrescribing
      Integrated into the clinical workflow, ePrescribing allows providers to electronically prescribe medication.


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You’re tasked with accurately forecasting the organization’s cash flow, obtaining a real-time view of your financial performance indicators, and minimizing your daily sales outstanding (DSO). On top of that, you must be able to send out clean claims to reduce denials and to get paid as quickly as possible—among many other to-dos.

You need a technology partner who can help you expertly manage the financial performance and profitability of your organization. Discover the power of American HealthTech Financial Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

You will appreciate:

  • Eligibility Verification
    Confirm payers and coverage in real time to support more informed care plans along with a more efficient revenue cycle process. 

  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission
    Reduce claim processing times, accelerate payments, and improve the financial health of your organization. 

  • Remittance Management
    Eliminate the need for paper remittance with this central location for managing all of the explanations of benefits (EOB) you receive. 

  • Denial and Audit Management
    Now you can identify, track, and manage your denied claims while uncovering root causes of repetitive denial problems—and get a better handle on current audits. 


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Sure it is. But wouldn’t you also appreciate a partner who offers deployment options for self-hosted and hosted environments; who can help you get up and running quickly while tailoring the solution to your business processes; and who can support mobile access and workflows?

That partner is American HealthTech and their Care Management, Financial and Enterprise Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions


You will appreciate:

  • Work Center
    Equip your colleagues with this web-based solution that will help them more effectively coordinate and deliver care, no matter where they happen to be. 

  • AHT Hosting
    You can count on AHT Hosting to provide world-class service and reliability without all of the maintenance and upgrade headaches. 

  • Services
    Take advantage of AHT’s reputation for delivering exceptional implementation services to skilled nursing facilities like yours. 

  • Integrated Solutions 
    All of our technology solutions are integrated with one another, saving you from the headaches associated with systems that just don’t talk the same language. 


Care Management icon

The comprehensive functionality of these solutions helps streamline the clinical workflow, letting busy clinicians manage the complex care that skilled nursing residents require while capturing the information needed for billing, reporting, and regulatory compliance. Download the brochure to learn more.

Modules include:

  • Work Center
    With web-based AHT Work Center, caregivers can view complete, real-time resident information in a way that accommodates their workflow. Built to support physician mobility, this powerful module lets them access resident information from mobile devices—and even sign orders electronically—to provide faster and more informed care. The My Story timeline presents clinicians with a complete chronological account of the resident’s history that makes resident assessments and shift transitions easier than ever. 
  • Clinical
    This comprehensive set of features is completely integrated with the entire Care Management suite and will help you manage the EHR for your residents. Clinical offers clinical documentation and quality assurance tools to help the care team work efficiently, support regulatory compliance, and provide excellent care. 
  • Smart Charting (Point of Care)
    Say goodbye to holes in charts, copy-cat charting, chasing down charts, and headaches with enforcing policies. This is clinical documentation made easy, resulting in complete documentation, enhanced compliance, and appropriate reimbursement. 
  • ePrescribing
    Powered by the Rcopia product from DrFirst and integrated into the clinical workflow, ePrescribing allows providers to electronically prescribe medications--including controlled substances--efficiently. Interaction checking and a more structured sign-off process help protect residents from inadvertent medication errors. 
  • Quality Assurance
    Consolidate key information from across your clinical operations, so you can make sound, fact-based, and proactive decisions with current information. Capabilities include Outcomes Reporting, Wound Management, Infection & Incident Reporting, User-Defined Assessments, Risk Assessments, Risk Audits, and Quality Indicators. 
  • Therapy Tracking
    Now you can account and bill for all of the therapy services being provided to your residents. Integrated with the Revenue Cycle Management solution as well as Clinical (for MDS tracking), this application will help ensure that you are reporting on—and getting compensated for—these important services. 
  • Supplies Tracking
    Manage supplies and streamline billing by importing supply information. Integrated with the Financial and Enterprise Management solutions, this module helps ensure you are getting paid correctly for the supplies you are using to care for your residents. 
  • Disease State Management
    Integrated with the Care Management workflow and Outcomes Reporting and powered by COMS Daylight IQ™, this application helps clinicians manage resident diseases and changes in condition, and features automated interceptions, evidence-based practice guidelines, and more.

Financial Management icon

Set up your business for success with this comprehensive set of financial solutions that enables better controls to improve cash and costs. Used in conjunction with Revenue Cycle Management, our Financial and Enterprise Management suite is easy to use, configurable to your workflows, and trusted by more than 3,000 facilities across the country.

Modules include:

      • Accounts Payable
        Efficiently manage the payables process.

      • General Ledger
        Track your books, and reconcile accounts payable and receivable with ease. 

      • Payroll
        Pay employees easily, and feel confident that you’re following the most recent payroll rules and regulation with support from AHT.

      • Financial Management
        Manage and report financial activities by facility or organization level.

      • Trust Funds 
        Manage all aspects of your residents’ trust funds separately from the general resident billing function. Users can monitor balances, interest accrued on each account, and resident statements. 
      • Enterprise Management
        Monitor the metrics that are most important to the success of your organization. Keep a pulse on performance, track opportunities, and immediately spot issues before they become a problem. Includes: 

        • Compliance Center
          Keep your staff fully up to date with this smart way to enhance communication throughout your entire organization. You can easily notify everyone about newly admitted residents, regulatory items, the latest policies, changes with prioritization, and any other changes within your facility.

        • Corporate Office
          Pinpoint facility budgets and resources (people and dollars) at all times. You’ll be able to identify regulatory  changes for both clinical and financial, and determine how they will affect  reimbursement and resources. From here, you can manage contracts with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and other payers.

Revenue Cycle Management icon

Our integrated Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) suite helps skilled nursing organizations like yours to efficiently manage the entire revenue cycle—from admissions and eligibility verification to claims submission and processing all the way through to denial management and collections. Download the brochure to learn more. 

Modules include:

  • Admissions Analysis
    This suite is designed to not only streamline the evaluation and admission of residents, but to provide you with the information you need to make smart business decisions. You’ll gain a better understanding of where your referrals come from, as well as the potential costs and revenue for each candidate.

  • Eligibility Verification
    Confirm payers and coverage in real time to support more informed care plans along with a more efficient revenue cycle process. Accessible from within the admissions and billings workflows, this module can be used for candidate residents, during the admission process, or during the resident’s entire length of stay, and allows users to query multiple payers.

  • Claim Scrubbing and Submission
    Reduce claim processing times, accelerate payments, optimize billing accuracy, and improve the financial health of your organization. Make the first submission the only one by applying an unparalleled level of claim validation to all of your electronic claim files. Avoid denials by creating custom edits to proactively monitor payer changes. Automatically load 837 claims, validate billing information and file structure, ensure HIPAA compliance, and much more. 

  • ERA Retrieval
    Retrieve electronic remittance advice effortlessly from payers to support the overall RCM process. 

  • Remittance Management
    Eliminate the need for paper remittance with this central location for managing all of the explanations of benefits (EOB) you receive. All 835 Remittance Advice is accepted and normalized into compatible files, regardless of which payer they were sent from, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Denial and Audit Management 
    This powerful module identifies, tracks, and manages your denied claims while uncovering root causes of repetitive denial problems, so you can prevent future rejections, reduce unnecessary write-offs, and increase your reimbursement. The built-in cross-departmental workflow increases efficiency and productivity among your staff. Monitor impending deadlines, track audit process, navigate appeals processes, and achieve vital information and documentation pertaining to an audited claim in a single application. 

  • Accounts Receivable 
    Maximize and accelerate organizational cash flow. 

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As a customer of American HealthTech, you end up getting so much more than software. We want to see you truly maximize your investment.

  • Our experienced team of client sales and support representatives consists of seasoned professionals who understand the challenges you face, and know how to best address them.

    Contact the AHT Support Team

  • You’ll get a heads up on all regulatory changes and requirements before they impact your business, with details on how your software will be upgraded to address them.

  • AHT Client Portal and Training provides you with instant access to industry information and a vast array of training opportunities.

  • You’ll tap into a vibrant community of your peers along with rich resources to help you get the most out of your investment in AHT. The Customer Advisory Council is a great resource for taking your performance to new heights.

  • Our annual User Conference is where you can share best practices, network with your peers, and catch a glimpse of what’s to come from AHT technologies.

  • Our senior executives hold regular Progress Preview Webinars with our clients’ leadership teams to share company news and direction—and to gain valuable feedback directly from you.



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We believe that a strong implementation is critical to your organization’s success and your bottom line. That’s why we don’t partner with outside resources to complete your implementation and training: All of it is delivered by American HealthTech employees who are experts in our products and your industry.

We’ll walk you through a comprehensive implementation process that includes business process optimization and onsite training. Then we’ll go beyond implementation to further improve your processes and practices, providing best practice solutions that will create efficiencies in your operations.

AHT Cloud Services

You’ve got choices with AHT. Whether you decide to host your AHT solution at your facility or in the cloud, we can help. We provide your organization with a reliable, secure, and cost-effective deployment of your AHT solutions—powered by a global leader in cloud services—minus all the hassles, distraction, and unpredictable expenses that come with managing it yourself. 

Business Process Improvements

Financial Optimization 
Tap into the knowledge base of our finance experts for training on cash flow, coding, and accounting best practices so you can optimize your finances and harness data-driven proof that demonstrates value to your partners. 

Clinical Optimization
Streamline your clinical documentation and standardize processes to create a solid foundation for comprehensive care. 

Operational Optimization 
Learn how you can improve your organization’s 5-star assessment quality scores—and how interoperability can help you be more efficient while streamlining operations with your partners. 

nTrust Program

Wish you had the finances for a new, robust EHR? Now you do. The nTrust Program is the no-down payment, low risk way to bring a fully integrated EHR to your skilled nursing organization.