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New Innovations from American HealthTech Enhance Decision Making within Clinical Workflow and Allow for Faster Communication to Facility Residents and Family Members

MOBILE, ALA. (July 8, 2020) - American HealthTech (AHT), a wholly owned subsidiary of CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI) and a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions and related services for the post-acute care market, today announced the launch of its newest offering, Clinical Decision Support (CDS). This application integrates directly into the workflow of the AHT EHR and provides guidance to clinicians in real time. CDS is designed to reduce errors and improve efficiency by providing intelligently filtered patient information in order to improve patient care and outcomes.

For White Oak Management, with 16 post-acute care locations throughout the Carolinas, the results of using the new CDS application have been impressive. “CDS has allowed our team to experience increased care plan efficiency and time savings, giving our clinicians more time to focus on improving each resident’s experience and wellbeing,” said Melissa Picher, RN, MDS Consultant, White Oak Management. “Furthermore, the new Reminder and Intervention tools have increased accuracy in documentation and the Respiratory Assessment feature has proven beneficial in White Oak’s COVID-19 protocol.” .

Along with the newly launched CDS, AHT also recently released a new broadcast communication feature. This innovative communication feature allows facilities to share secure text messages, emails and phone calls en masse to facility residents and their representatives and family members.

As post-acute care facilities face increasing regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AHT’s broadcast communication feature has played a crucial role in quickly alerting family members regarding COVID-19 testing updates, changes in visitation rules, and other important communications. According to Pamela Davis, Clinical Implementation Coordinator for White Oak Management, “The broadcast functionality allowed us to efficiently notify our residents and families via phone, text and email to ensure messages were delivered quickly and securely, reducing stress for everyone. With the upcoming hurricane season, we also see a benefit of this efficient mass communication tool to keep families informed regarding major weather events.”

“These latest offerings are the most recent examples of how our ongoing investment in product innovation is making a real difference in helping our clients improve the health and wellbeing of their residents,” said Boyd Douglas, president and chief executive officer of CPSI. “The post-acute care industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges with COVID-19, so we have a responsibility to help our clients improve efficiencies and resident care as cost effectively as possible.”

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CPSI is a leading provider of healthcare solutions and services for community hospitals, their clinics and post-acute care facilities. Founded in 1979, CPSI offers its products and services through four companies – Evident, LLC; American HealthTech, Inc.; TruBridge, LLC; and iNetXperts, Corp., d/b/a Get Real Health. Our combined companies are focused on helping improve the health of the communities we serve, connecting communities for a better patient care experience, and improving the financial operations of our customers. Evident provides comprehensive acute care EHR solutions and related services for community hospitals and their physician clinics. American HealthTech is one of the nation’s largest providers of EHR solutions and related services for post-acute care facilities. TruBridge focuses on providing business management, consulting and managed IT services, along with its complete RCM solution, for all care settings. Get Real Health delivers technology solutions aimed at improving patient engagement for individuals and healthcare providers. For more information, visit

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