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Management Seven, LLC

The right technology and support helps give a 12-facility chain a smooth transition to electronic health records for better patient care quality, productivity and staff satisfaction.

High level results

  • Proactive data-driven incident review and care planning
  • Improved patient care outcomes
  • Deficient-free survey results
  • Decreased readmission rates


Management Seven, LLC manages 12 facilities throughout Louisiana. One of their principle values is hiring and supporting loyal, dedicated and committed employees who put patient care first, leading them to be proactive about using automation to support staff satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.


In 2012- -13, Management Seven’s move to EHR was thoughtfully planned to help the organization have better visibility and be proactive about resident care quality outcomes. Implementing these capabilities required deploying new technology quickly across a nursing team with a wide range of computer skills, together with changes in processes and procedures.


Carla Ellzey RN, Chief Nursing Officer at Management Seven, notes that training and support have been the keys to a successful implementation. “Staff response and buy- -in to EHR has been great – they loved it! AHT does a great job with classes and training, and we have backed it up with a lot of continuing education. Our staff enjoys using electronic records, and it gives them a sense of working on the cutting edge.

Overall, automation has driven much of their approach to quality patient care, including proactive incident review and care planning procedures that have led to dramatic changes in outcomes. “Using EHR, Smart Charting and Outcomes Reporting, deficiencies across our facilities on surveys have dropped drastically and have had some deficiencyfree surveys. Case mix and Medicare audit results have been excellent, and hospital readmission rates have decreased across the board.”

Ellzey chalks up much of their success to a collaborative relationship with AHT. “AHT has worked with us in every way I have asked them to, including brainstorming ideas with us. Once you are familiar with the system, you can slice and dice the data to run several outcomes reports. This flexibility allows us to succeed.”

“AHT’s reporting allows us to be more efficient and provide better care. I am their biggest fan!” Carla Ellzey Chief Nursing Officer Management Seven, LLC

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