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Wilson Senior Care

Move to AHT Cloud Services a welcome change

High level results

  • Elimination of up to six hours per day managing onsite servers
  • Automated system backup with no additional cost or effort
  • Excellent uptime with seamless AHT product updates


In 2014, South Carolina-based Wilson Senior Care was ready to move their American HealthTech (AHT) clinical and financial solutions from on-site servers to a cloudbased system. Wilson Senior Care has four locations with over 400 residents. Laura Rogers, Senior Accountant/IT/ Telecommunications for Wilson Senior Care says, “We have been looking to move to a cloud server for the longest time. We knew that American HealthTech was planning to offer that service for its clients.”


With four care locations, along with two retail locations, Wilson Senior Care had a large amount of data to transition from their dual-server setup. “We managed two servers within our organization,” said Mrs. Rogers. “The one at the corporate office was backed up to the server at the Medford Data Center and vice versa. We had a lot of data to transfer.”


Wilson Senior Care wanted to simplify the management of their AHT solutions with a solution that was integrated, secure and reliable. Their goal was to ensure a smooth transition to the new environment which would enable them to take advantage of minimal downtime, easier software updates, data backup and recovery, and a lot less management. AHT Cloud Services was the answer.

Mrs. Rogers said that they needed a reliable, secure solution that wouldn’t take long to implement. “I wasn’t sure about security, but we did thorough research,” Mrs. Rogers said. “We’ve had no issues with security since moving to the cloud.” Some of the reasons Wilson Senior Care selected AHT Cloud Services included:

  • Adding users is a simple process
  • Scheduling system updates can be done at a time that works best
  • Automatic system backup provides peace of mind without any additional effort
  • Works seamlessly throughout AHT solutions


“We like it because it works” Mrs. Rogers said. “American HealthTech is a user-friendly system and they keep it upto-date with all the new updates coming out with CMS.” After a year with AHT Cloud Services, Wilson Senior Care has gained nearly a full-time position back by moving to the cloud. By not dealing with internal servers, they are able to focus on more important things.

“Managing our old servers took us four to six hours just about every day,” said Mrs. Rogers. “We would have our IT team make sure everything was running in the background and check on updates.” They have also been able to avoid server-related downtime and update interruptions, saving time and money. The live support is available however, it hasn’t been needed. Wilson Senior Care has been pleased with AHT Cloud Services, so much in fact, that Mrs. Rogers summed it up with two words, “It works.”

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