STATE NEWS | AR: Medicaid settlement update

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STATE NEWS | AR: Medicaid settlement update


ARKANSAS | Possible Medicaid relief Fraud settlement may help Medicaid shortfalls. However, officials warn that appeals may delay access to reward and remind everyone that this one-time cash infusion will not solve long term budget woes.

CALIFORNIA | New MMIS next year New Medicaid Management software system is being developed. The old MMIS system is 30 years old. The current MMIS contractor will develop the new system.

FLORIDA | Data breach Memorial Healthcare System reports over 9000 patients were involved in breached data for possible false tax returns.

Managed Care respondents The Health plans that have submitted a letter of intent to bid on the LTC managed care programs are listed in the link below. Twenty plans are listed and all plans are interested in multiple regions.

UB04 manual The Florida UB04 handbook has been updated.

INDIANA | RUG supportive documentation The Myers and Stauffer supportive guidelines effective June 1, 2012 are published. This updates the guidelines to the April 1 MDS.

MISSISSIPPI | MSHCA Convention The annual MS Health Care Association convention will be held in Biloxi June 11 thru June 13. 

MISSOURI | Re-hospitalization participation Missouri is still taking applications of intent to participate in the national initiative program by CMS to study ways to improve care and reduce hospitalizations. 

NEW JERSEY | 2012 CMI report schedule The Case-Mix related reports and transmission dates for 2012 are posted on a calendar prepared by Myers and Stauffer.

OHIO | Background checks: Memo The administrative code has been updated for direct care providers on criminal background check requirements. These must be completed by August 1, 2012. Rules

TENNESSEE | TennCare Plus proposal TennCare managed care has been around for nearly 2 decades. This proposal is specifically modeled to handle those residents who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Tennessee plans to improve care and improve efficiency thru the use of medical homes to manage care delivery and create a simpler unified plan. Enrollment is planned for the last quarter of 2013 with effective dates for January 2014. The state will continue to work with LTC stakeholders to work out education and the initial rates for the first year of the demonstration to keep current reimbursement levels. Subsequent years may adopt shared savings or other quality related or cost containment options.

TEXAS | Hospice billing clarified Texas has issued an information letter to help clarify how hospice services are billed in situations involving dually eligible individuals or facing retroactive eligibility.

Form 2465 The form used to ask for specialized services has been revised effective May 1st. This form is on the LTC portal.

UTAH | Data breach The recent data breach continues to be updated in information bulletins.