FEDERAL NEWS | Casper Reports/User Guide updated

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FEDERAL NEWS | Casper Reports/User Guide updated


CASPER Provider Reports and User Guide updated-QTSO Page The User manual for MDS submission has been updated.  The reports chapter, error message chapter have changed.  See MDS.30 Provider User’s Guide drop down to select changed chapters.   The reporting guide for providers has also been updated to include recent report and QM updates.  See the CASPER Reporting User’s Guide drop down for selected chapter changes.

RAC audit levels CMS has increased limits for the number of documentation requests.  Levels vary based on provider types.  A documentation request for a SNF may represent the entire episode of care.  Inpatient providers change from a 1% claim limit to a 2% claim limit. The total limit is divided into 8 potential periods.  So, if a facility sent 120 Medicare claims per month the calculated requested claims would be 120*12*.02/8 = 4 claims per 45 day period.

Relative Value File A March release of the relative value files that relates to mental health services and bone mass measurement have been updated.