LATEST FROM TRADES | Study Results EHR data half-baked

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LATEST FROM TRADES | Study Results EHR data half-baked



FIRST DATABANK | Rebranding discussed -The latest Customer Connection newsletter highlights the re-branding efforts.

HEALTHDATA MANAGEMENT | HIPAA 6020 open for comment - The 6020 Transactions are open for comment but don’t worry. The X12 group is not ready to adopt the proposed transactions this soon after 5010.  The 5010 transactions were dated 2006 and adopted in 2011-12.

HEALTHCARE FINANCE NEWS | Fun with ICD-10 combinations - This article has a list of examples of how absurd it could get. V95.42XA would be “spacecraft crash injuring occupant, initial encounter”.  Or what about descriptions like “prolonged stay in weightless environment” or “accidental striking against or bumped into by another person, initial encounter”.  How about W59.22XA “struck by a turtle” or W56.09XA “other contact with dolphin, initial encounter” or V91.07XA “burn due to water-skis on fire, initial encounter”.

HEALTH LEADERS | Tablets challenging and expensive - IT managers report that the introduction of tablets has increased costs and created problems in security and durability.

iHEALTHBEAT | EHR fails the toothpick test - Studies on physician EHR data show that EHR data is half-baked and not reliable enough to be judging quality or determining payment.

Health data exchanges examined - Five states have had widely varied effectiveness so far in establishing data exchanges. Recurring issues deal with location, cooperative agreements and funding. 

Health exchanges need IT staff - Most of the 37 health data exchanges report either being short of staff or have plans to hire consultants.

KAISER | Benefits by state - The annual summary of Medicaid benefits is available.

Doc Fix in gridlock - There is no headway on resolving the doc fix extension that expires the end of February.

LONG TERM LIVING | Alzheimer’s support - Obama plans to spend $130 million on Alzheimer’s research and $26 million for caregiver support and education.

MCKNIGHT’S | Obama budget calls for more cuts for FY2013 - Obama is sticking to his guns in reducing Medicare and Medicaid payments but not include re-structuring. The budget will be released next week.

Association response to proposed cuts

Background checks - Administrators agree that there is little resistance to obtaining background checks and worth the effort.

PROVIDER | Physicians reduce hospitalizations (lead story) - LCCA reduced hospitalizations from 40 to 15 percent by putting docs in facilities. 

LTC job market to grow - The job market in LTC is predicted to rise of the next 10 years. About 5.6 million new jobs will be created in the health and social assistance sectors.

TECHTARGET | Microsoft patches - Microsoft will release 9 bulletins Feb 14th.

YAHOO HEALTH | Healthcare costs to double - Healthcare costs are predicted to double in the next 10 years.