Outcomes Reporting and Compliance: F520 Now, QAPI Soon

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Outcomes Reporting and Compliance: F520 Now, QAPI Soon

Outcomes reporting is like a Swiss Army Knife; it has many uses.  As a marketing tool, outcomes show hospitals your readmit rates, but the real power lies in dozens of other reports you can use across the spectrum of your clinical operations to drive quality, continuous improvement, and compliance.  

F-Tag 520

In response to F-Tag 520, nursing homes are required “to have a committee and process in place to identify quality deficiencies, develop and implement plans to correct these deficiencies, monitor the effects of the changes and make needed revisions to the plan in order to assure ongoing compliance.”  Surveyors may ask for minutes and documentation to show a facility is holding monthly quality assurance meetings, for example. Today many providers drive quality improvement compliance manually. Now with outcomes reporting, you can automate monitoring, tracking, and see real results of your programs.  

QAPI Proposed Rules Very Soon

CMS recognizes that many times outcomes are not monitored or analyzed correctly - that’s why they will be proposing new rules to enforce quality tracking and management. The Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) initiative will soon be circulated as proposed rules for nursing homes. 

QAPI was handed to us as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and provides the opportunity for CMS to mobilize best practices in nursing homes. This new provision pushes facilities to continuously identify and correct quality deficiencies as well as sustain performance improvement. You’ll need powerful reporting capabilities to get you there – and outcomes reporting will be an essential tool for compliance.

As with every regulatory change, American HealthTech will stay on top of the final rule to see if there are new needs for outcomes reporting.  With the outcomes reports now available in American HealthTech today, providers can get a head start with QAPI compliance. 


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