Is it possible for a software provider to deliver both minimal downtime AND the ability to scale as your organization grows?

Sure it is. But wouldn’t you also appreciate a partner who offers deployment options for self-hosted and hosted environments; who can help you get up and running quickly while tailoring the solution to your business processes; and who can support mobile access and workflows?

That partner is American HealthTech and their long term care management software for healthcare IT professionals, as well as skilled nurses and physicians. These solutions include: Care ManagementFinancial and Enterprise Management and Revenue Cycle Management.

You will appreciate:

  • Work Center
    Equip your colleagues with this web-based solution that will help them more effectively coordinate and deliver care, no matter where they happen to be. 
  • AHT Hosting
    You can count on AHT Hosting to provide world-class serve and reliability without all of the maintenance and upgrade headaches. 
  • Services
    Take advantage of AHT’s reputation for delivering exceptional implementation services to skilled nursing facilities like yours. 
  • Integrated Solutions 
    All of our technology solutions are integrated with one another, saving you from the headaches associated with systems that just don’t talk the same language.