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Electronic Medical Records Software


Software is essential for streamlining admissions, care delivery, and financial health management that collectively contribute to a well-run operation.  But when it comes to implementing software, change management takes center stage, because change is more about people than technology.  And that’s what makes American HealthTech very different from others.  You get:

  • High-touch service as your people onboard.

  • Proactive updates that help you stay two steps ahead of ever-changing regulations.

  • Technology solutions to optimize performance of your team.

  • Customer community to help drive continuous improvements.

  • Support to help work through issues and get your staff back to delivering care on which your reputation and revenues depend.

  • Extended services to get even more out of your investment with AHT.

Great customer experience is wrapped around a tightly integrated software platform to run your entire enterprise, and connect with partners essential for coordinating quality care. 

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“We constantly get new innovations, helping our teams continuously improve care delivery.”

Keith Mutschler, Treasurer, Nexion Health, Inc.

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